83-year-old woman recovers after massive car fire at Walgreens

83-year-old woman recovers after massive car fire at Walgreens

(WMC-TV) - An elderly woman is recovering after a massive car fire at a Cordova Walgreens.

This fire has been the talk of the neighborhood. The building is still charred and the drive-thru is still closed.

Bystanders pulled the 83-year-old driver from the car after witnesses say it exploded in the drive-thru. She was rushed to the hospital in non-critical condition with high blood pressure.

Although the drive-thru window is temporarily closed, the Walgreens pharmacy stays open.

Jasmine Buscemi was with her mother, Genny, on Germantown Parkway Thursday when they saw the car on fire.

"OH my God, I never seen something like this in my life," said Genny. "Everything. It was so dark and everything. It looked like it was going to be a thunderstorm, something like this."

Firefighters say the damage estimate to the car is about $3,500, while the damage estimated to the building is about $13,000.

What caused the car to go up in flames?

Firefighters say they suspect car trouble, but do not know for sure and are not investigating because it is not suspicious.

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