Bus driver resigns after Mayor Greg Davis' trial

Bus driver resigns after Mayor Greg Davis' trial

(WMC-TV) - The bus driver at the center of the ruling against Southaven Mayor Greg Davis for unlawfully passing a school bus quit her job Friday.

For the first time, the driver is talking about the complaint against Davis and the judge's ruling.

Tracey Riva has been a bus driver for more than a decade and spent her last six years with DeSoto County Schools.

But Friday, she quit and says she feels she was not supported by the district in pursuing charges against Southaven Mayor Greg Davis.

"It's a school, my job is the safety of those children and I did my job and I had no backup," said Riva.

Riva was driving the bus that Greg Davis was found guilty of illegally passing with flashing blue lights.

"I did not know it was him until he got even with my window and I looked in the vehicle and I saw who it was," she explained.

Riva says she is supposed to report violations like Davis' to the district. But it was her decision to file charges.

She says when she went forward, she had no support from the district other than one appearance at the first hearing.

"It's our job as drivers to report anyone passing our buses because we are the witness, they are not the witness, which I can understand," she said.

A letter of resignation capped off what Riva says has been a stressful process.

Even though Davis was found guilty, Riva says the district should have been there fighting for her as an employee and the students that could have been in harm's way.

"They should always be behind their drivers when it comes to the safety of a child and I feel that in this case, that wasn't the number one priority," said Riva.

The school responded with a statement that reads:

"Every bus driver has the right and authority to file charges when he or she witnesses any violation which interferes with transporting students. Since the driver is the only witness, it is his or her call. Mrs. Riva was encouraged to stay on in her position as a bus driver. It was her decision to resign."

A spokesperson for the district says they do not discourage any driver from filing charges but since drivers are the witnesses, it is up to them.

Riva says she will give up driving buses, for now.

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