Election administrator speaks about suspension

Election administrator speaks about suspension

(WMC-TV) – A Shelby County election administrator is talking about his three day suspension after problems at the polls in August.

Richard Holden did not want to go into great detail about the reasons behind his suspension, but it was clear that he feels it all happened in the name of politics.

During early voting and on Election Day, thousands of voters were issued the wrong ballots containing a controversial referendum over municipal school districts.

Holden says his suspension is about politics.

"It's done for political purposes, the timing is for political purposes also," said Holden.

But he did not elaborate.

"Running an election for half a million people is very complicated," said Holden. "If you want a simple answer to a complicated question, your expectations are unrealistic."

In a commission meeting last month, Commissioner Norma Lester voted to remove Richard Holden from office.

That motion was seconded, but failed with a vote down party lines.

Nine days later, the commission voted unanimously in favor of a three day suspension.

The three day suspension does not go into effect until next month and he will not be paid for those three days.

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