Five neighborhoods will be annexed by Bartlett

Five neighborhoods will be annexed by Bartlett

(WMC-TV) – Five different neighborhoods are preparing to be annexed by Bartlett.

Normally, the threat of annexation prompts courtroom battles and fights against property tax increases.

Like Cordova residents, folks outside of Bartlett have known about a possible annexation for several years, but unlike Memphis, the city of Bartlett does not expect opposition.

Willie McInnis says it was no surprise for more than 2,000 Shelby County residents when they heard of Bartlett's annexation plans.

He learned of the proposal immediately upon moving into his home off Highway 70 last year.

"The property tax is a concern," said McInnis.

Labeled A through E on a planning map, five bordering areas are expected to be taken in by Bartlett within a year.

Annexed residents will pay Shelby County and City of Bartlett property taxes.

Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald says the proposed ordinance will likely take effect in December.

"They won't get their first bill until the next October, due February of 2015," said Mayor McDonald.

A map of the proposed annexation is on display at Bartlett City Hall for the public. The next opportunity for residents to learn more will be at a public hearing on October 1 at 7 p.m.

The annexation will cost Bartlett about $1.8 million compared to only $1.4 million the city will generate in property taxes the first year.

"They'll get a year of services without paying any property taxes but that's the way it is with most annexations," said the mayor.

The annexation of Cordova by the city of Memphis was actually the complete opposite.

McInnis sees Bartlett police and fire protection along with waste collection as a potential benefit.

"I don't know if the benefits will outweigh the costs but we're excited about becoming Bartlett residents," he said.