Only on 5: disabled robbery victims talks about crime

Kroger Robbery Victim Speaks Out

(WMC-TV) - "I think anybody who targets another person is despicable," said Otto Fletschinger.

He said it's worse when the victim is unable to defend themselves like him.

Fletschinger was robbed inside the entryway of the Kroger store on Truse Parkway in East Memphis earlier this month. It happened around 2:30 one Tuesday afternoon.

"I was an easy target," said Fletschinger.

A years-old injury forces him to use a cane.

"I can walk but I'm not very stable," said Fletschinger.

He said the suspect, seen in a surveillance video released this week by Memphis Police, knocked him to the ground before swiping a wad of cash from his pocket.

"He could have had my cell phone and ATM card," said Fletschinger. "They were there also but he got the money," he added.

Fletschinger was at that particular Kroger store simply because he happened to be in the neighborhood. He said the suspect was sitting on a bench in the area where the grocery carts are kept.

"I was kind of walking and half-stumbling to get between the baskets and the window and he saw an opportunity," said Fletschinger.

He believes the suspect had probably robbed before, but hopes the odds are against him.

"All crooks get caught eventually," said Fletschinger.

He hopes it happens before the suspect targets another person who may be unable to adequately protect themselves.

Call Crime-Stoppers at 901-528-CASH with any information about the robbery.

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