Autumn arrives, bringing an end to harsh summer

Associated Press

Autumn's arrival Saturday closes the door on a summer that ruined some crops and made folks swelter across Tennessee and Kentucky.

Although the latter part of July and all of August redeemed the season for many, June was both very hot and extremely dry.

Nashville set an all-time heat record on June 29 when the temperature reached 109 degrees.

Western Kentucky farmer Bill Clift planted his biggest corn crop ever, but it turned out to be his worst. His fields are producing a paltry 30 bushels an acre on average, compared with 150 or 160 bushels per acre in typical years.

Eastern areas of both states fared better on rainfall.

The weather outlook for autumn and into the winter is for temperatures slightly above normal and normal rainfall.

Dickerson reported from Nashville, Tenn. Schreiner reported from Louisville, Ky.

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