Man fights tough battle to ensure his right to vote

Man fights tough battle to ensure his right to vote

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis man spent the last four weeks in a tug-of-war with state and local election officials, determined to make sure that he has the right to vote for the proper candidates.

The reason for the tug-of-war? Nobody seemed to be able to figure out his voting district.

Frank Hurt's voting story takes the word "runaround" to a new level. He never voted for his state representatives because his ballot was wrong. But that is just the beginning of the story.

Hurt's voter card says he is in District 90. But his early voting ballot August 2 said something different.

"It said my state representative was in 87," he said.

Hurt left the polls without completing his ballot.

"Voted for everything I could, except state representative," said Hurt.

He complained to the Election Commission and they put him in contact with Administrator Richard Holden.

"He said, the best thing for us to do is for you to submit another voter registration application," said Hurt.

All three people in Hurt's household re-registered.

Once they registered again, he got a letter from Holden saying he was already registered to vote and "your recent application was not necessary."

When Hurt called the State Election Office, he was told to file a complaint.

"It had to be notarized, sent to Nashville," said Hurt.

After the state replied, he learned he was not in District 87 or District 90.

"I was now in 91," he said.

Hurt persevered and found an updated voter map on a third-party website.

"That's when I found out I truly belonged in District 91 and after all this time it has been corrected," he explained.

Election Commission Chairman Robert Meyers says Hurt's issues were the result of an inability to complete the redistricting process in time.

The maps were approved just weeks before early voting.

Meyers says the state cleaned up the problem as of Monday and the ballot is ready for the November 6 election.

Through all the frustration, Hurt is undeterred.

"I'll continue to cast my vote every chance that I get," he said.

Holden will be suspended for three days without pay next month.

Hurt said he shared his story to bring awareness to the problems.

The Election Commission wants you to call 901-222-1200, extension 5, if you are having any voting problems.

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