Mother turns son in for crime caught on camera

Mother turn's son in for crime caught on camera
The suspect's mother identified him from this surveillance footage
The suspect's mother identified him from this surveillance footage

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South mom turned in her own son into police after she saw video of him burglarizing a business.

Teenagers often find themselves in trouble when they do not think anyone is watching. But in this case, his mother was watching a video clip taken by a surveillance camera.

A couple of cameras are perched outside of Powell's Liquor Store in Batesville.

The suspect ended up tripping the store's alarm, but was able to get away before police arrived.

"Officers responded and observed a door that had been broken out, after review of the video tape, observed a black male perpetrating the crime," said Captain Paul Shivers, Batesville Police Department.

Investigators were not able to identify the suspect, so they released the video to the local Panolian newspaper. The video clips were put online.

Authorities hoped someone would recognize the teenager, but they never planned that person would be his mother.

"A mother got word that her son possibly was involved in it, she went to that website, looked at the video realized it was her son and brought him in and turned him over to us," said Captain Shivers.

After questioning the young man, he was charged in connection with three other burglaries.

Captain Paul Shivers says it is refreshing to hear parents teaching their children a lesson, even if it is learned the hard way.

"My parents would have whooped my butt and sent me straight on but of course as times have changed things have gotten worse but we still have some good people out there and they're willing to do the right thing," said Captain Shivers.

The juvenile is 17-years-old but can be tried as an adult.

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