168 animals rescued from Mid-South home

168 Animals Rescued From Mid-South Home

(WMC-TV) – A Fayette County man has been charged in what investigators described as an unimaginable scene. Investigators said they found dogs, cats, birds and even ferrets inside the home of William Parr.

The raid of Parr's home in Moscow, TN, lasted 14 hours and involved Fayette County Investigators, the Memphis Humane Society and Memphis Police Investigators.

Veterinarian, Jennifer Dunlap said it is the worst case of neglect she's ever seen.

"It's one of the most horrific scenes that any of us had been on," Dunlap said.

Investigators raided the house after a cable guy called, concerned for the 168 animals in the house and the children who lived here.

The home was described as a house of horrors with debris, trash and animals everywhere.

"Mice poop had taken over and roaches were everywhere," Dunlap said. "Animals contained in cages that were too small for them and many were standing in 6 to 12 inches of feces and urine."

Dunlap said the house was so dark they had to use flashlights to see.

"Some of the cages did not have doors," Dunlap added. "They were blocked in with other cages."

The dogs were never able to get out of their cages or even see light. Investigators found 25 dead animals, mostly birds and small rodents. Besides dogs, there were cats, snakes, rabbits and more. Many of the animals also had decaying and rotted teeth.

Several vans parked outside the house were filled with what could only be described as junk.

Investigators said William Parr did not say much when he was arrested. His wife however was belligerent and called the authorities "Satan".

The D.A. said the Department of Human Services removed some teenagers from the home before the raid.

People that lived in the neighborhood said they had no clue.

"I just can't believe they live so close to us," Lolly Pierce said. "I was just shocked."

D.A. Mike Dunavant said William Parr is charged with animal cruelty, which is a misdemeanor. But he added that the investigation is ongoing.

There could be additional charges and more people charged. The American Humane Association is flying in people to care for the confiscated animals.

For anyone wishing to help, donations can be sent to Hollywood Feed in Oakland, TN.

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