Pork shortage, update on chemical explosion, Toys R us is hiring more people & warmer temps

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday! We have much warmer conditions today...It's fall but we have a high of 90 today...We're talking about our ever evolving forecast throughout the week. Ron has updates every 10 mins on WMC-TV5..

We're updating you on the chemical plant explosion that happened in the early morning hours of Monday.City and community leaders are weighing in. We're talking about the latest on the explosion and an update on the two men who were injured in the blast.

Dr. Kriner Cash is finalist for a superintendent job in Jacksonville...he's expected to find out today if he will get the job. Details this morning on WMC-TV5.

Also it's official...Southwest Airlines is coming to Memphis...we'll tell you about what executives said yesterday to the public.

Plus toy retailer, Toys r us plans to increase the number of seasonal employees it hires this holiday season, a hail mary controversy on Monday night football last night and enjoy that pork sausage and bacon this morning... a shortage is expected around the world.

Join us right now we're live on WMC-TV5. we'll get you ready for the day!

Andrew Douglas