Voters take advantage of 'voting drives' to get registered

Voters take advantage of 'voting drives' to get registered

(WMC-TV) – You are almost out of time to register to vote in the presidential election coming up in November.

Making sure you register is your first step to exercising your right to vote, but that window will close next week.

Akisha Lloyd was one of the first to sign up and at a voting drive held in Memphis Tuesday.

"Well, I've moved, so I just had to update my address, but I've voted since I've been able to vote," she said.

Lloyd is among thousands of people around the country who are participating in National Voter Registration Day.

Volunteer Christine Booker participated in the event by helping people fill out voter registration forms.

"I think it's very important," said Booker. "People fought and died to have the rights and privileges to vote and I think we all need to take advantage of it."

If you plan to vote, you must be registered to vote at least 30 days before the election.

And remember you must also bring a valid picture I.D. to the polls.

Volunteers for National Voter Registration Day encourage people to be on the lookout for other registration drives leading up to the November election.

You can also register to vote at the Election Commission, but you must do it before the deadline.

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