Hit-and-run victim, 8, has a message for the driver

Hit-and-run victim, 8, has a message for the driver
Asjuana Clayton
Asjuana Clayton

(WMC-TV) - Asjuana Clayton has a message for the person who hit her with their car and drove away over the weekend.

"I forgive y'all for who did this to me because God's going to bless me and God's going to whoop y'all," said 8-year-old Asjuana as she spoke with Action News 5 about the accident that knocked out all of her teeth and snapped her leg in two.

The little girl faces the possibility of amputation, and right now, her teeth are stitched into her mouth.

"I hope my leg doesn't get cut off so I can come back home with you and I hope they take good care of me, so my teeth can get better and you all be good while I'm in the hospital," she said.

Every second of the accident is etched into her eight-year-old mind. She remembers that her leg made a sound.

"It went 'click' and I fell back," she explained.

The tears are nonstop for LaToya Clayton. Asjuana is her only child.

"I guess the thing that's most hard is she's in pain," said LaToya.

Asjuana's bottom lip has stitches, her bottom teeth are stitched onto her gums and beneath her pink cast, her leg bone is broken.

"She's not eating right now. We give her the little booster drinks to drink. She threw it up," said LaToya.

Asjuana misses school and cannot wait to get back to her Russian language class.

Memphis Police are looking for a green, four-door Honda Accord with a damaged passenger-side rear-view mirror.

If you can help capture the driver, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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