Ripley residents afraid after stray bullets pierce neighborhood

Ripley residents afraid after stray bullets pierce neighborhood

(WMC-TV) - One resident of a Ripley, Tennessee says her neighborhood has become a war zone after stray bullets flew through the area.

As crews work to pick up the trash along Moore Street, neighbors hope police will soon pick up the criminals responsible for shooting up their neighborhood.

"Bullets don't have eyes and they're shooting wildly down through here and they could hit someone, an innocent bystander or anything," said resident Treniece Bonds.

Bonds and her husband were awakened by the sound of gunshots two weeks ago.

Shots were being fired from the deck in her backyard.  A large group was firing those bullets toward another house.

Bonds' window and backyard shed were hit by stray gunfire.

Bonds says she is lucky one of those stray bullets didn't hit her.

"I just thank God that one didn't come through my bedroom when they was shooting," she said.

The DA says he has been working with the Ripley police and the city's housing authority to step patrols in high-crime areas.

Bonds says her neighborhood is normally quiet.

Treniece Bonds says in the 27 years she has lived in the area, this is the very first time her house has been damaged.

She says the night the shooting happened, police picked up 42 shell casings on the ground.

Since police have increased patrols, Bonds says she has not heard any gunshots.

She hopes it stays that way so that the children and adults who live in the Parkview neighborhood stay safe.

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