FedEx launches contest to help small businesses

FedEx launches contest to help small businesses

(WMC-TV) – Memphis-based FedEx launched a new competition celebrating small businesses across the country. The contest gives them the chance to win grant money.

FedEx will allow Facebook users to vote for the top 100 small companies in the country.

FedEx executives say the contest is yet another way for the shipping giant to show support for small business.

Upon entering Xanadu's Music and Books store you meet Cordell the cat, named after Cordell Jackson of Memphis. Jackson was the first female guitarist to own her own record label.

It is details like that tell the story of small businesses around the country.

FedEx will give away $50,000 in grant money to six small businesses that have a special story to share.

"It's nice that FedEx wants to give back especially since they're such a big business and they want to help small business," said Beverly Lowe, Xanadu Music & Books.

Johnny and Beverly Lowe opened Xanadu's Music and Books in 1988.

"I love books, so I have the books side of the business and my husband plays guitar and he builds his own guitars," Lowe explained.

She said the cash from the FedEx contest would go a long way.

"We have some repairs that we could do on the building, some fun cosmetic things, maybe some repainting and landscaping," said Lowe.

Businesses must register by submitting their stories and a photo by November 7.

Beverly Lowe says they ship many of their handmade guitars across the country through FedEx. Beverly sells mostly used books and says she would buy new inventory.

Winners will be chosen based on how compelling their story is and how many votes they get from the public.

"I think it's something that we're definitely going to look into," said Lowe.

Voting begins at midnight on October 1 and ends November 24. Winners will be announced in January.

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