Memphis City Schools Superintendent passed over for Florida job

Memphis City Schools Superintendent Passed Over For Florida Job

(WMC-TV) – Memphis City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Kriner Cash told Duval County School leaders in Florida, he was the best man for the job and could take the district to the next level. Unfortunately, Dr. Cash lost his bid for the job while facing some stiff competition.

"I'm going to be a bold, fearless, courageous, strong public education leader and advocate," Cash said in his final interview with the school district.

But it wasn't enough to convince district leaders who later voted for another candidate, Dr. Nikolai Vitti, the chief academic officer of Miami Dade Schools.

Throughout his interview, Cash told board members he was the only candidate with superintendent experience.

"This school district is at a crossroads," Cash said of the Duval School System. "It's at a tipping point. It has some very significant challenges ahead. It cannot be done and led through this crossroad period with inexperienced leaders."

One board member asked Dr. Cash how he felt about taking on another large school district superintendent's job at this point in his life.

"I was told that you indicated how stressful the job is," a Duvall County board Member said. "I was told that you have two pensions. Some of the people came away with the impression you were somewhat ambivalent about continuing as a superintendent."

"The work at this level when you're trying to transform or change the status quo is very, very, very difficult and taxing work," Cash responded. "It's just hard work."

Dr. Cash denied Action News 5's request for an on-camera interview.

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