Mayor wants investigation of MPD shooting, FedEx is giving back to small business through a competition, self driving cars now allowed on public streets, Rain chances increase

Happy Wednesday! We're starting out at 72 in Midtown..high of 89 today. Rain chances increase this week. Details every 10 mins with Ron Childers on WMC-TV5.

We're following breaking news...a tragic scene in North Memphis where a house fire takes the life of a local pastor. Details this morning with live reports from the scene.

We're talking about the investigation into an off duty Memphis Police officer who shot and killed a 15 year old boy. Mayor Wharton wants a thorough reports this AM on WMC-TV5.

Also some flare ups on the campaign trail involving Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen and his challenger George Flinn. The accusations are making headlines this morning...details throughout the morning as election day is roughly 40 days away

Plus it sounds like science fiction but California is paving the way for self-driving cars. There is a law allowing self-driving cars to be operated on public roads...more details on WMC-TV5.

AND a group of about 300 retired military veterans have come together to bring awareness to the problem of childhood obesity. They call it a national security issue bc kids are growing up too fat to fight. Hear from them this AM.

And Fedex is lending a helping hand to entrepreneurs by giving out THOUSANDS of dollars in grant a contest for small business the story your business has to share.. could change your life.

Join Kym Ron and me right now...we're live for you!

Andrew Douglas