Couple accused of animal hoarding charged with child abuse

Couple Accused Of Animal Hoarding Charged With Child Abuse

(WMC-TV) - A Fayette County couple charged with hoarding 168 animals is now facing criminal charges.

"I think this is a mental health issue case that boils down to has this been a negative mental health impact on the kids," said William and Rocio Parr's attorney, Mark McDaniel.

A Fayette County judge decided to charge retired Collierville dentist, William Parr and his wife Rocio Parr with aggravated child abuse involving their 12-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter. The couple also have a 19-year-old daughter.

The charges come after investigators got a tip about deplorable living conditions in the couple's Moscow home.

Investigators removed 168 dogs, cats and rodents as well as 25 dead birds from the home September 14 in a raid.

"It's one of the most horrific scenes that any of us had been on," said Veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Dunlap.

Investigators described the house as a house of horrors, filled with feces, urine and other debris and trash. Animals were packed into feces filled cages stacked on top of each other with some too small for the animals to stand up in. Some cages didn't have doors and were blocked in by other cages.

"They took in numerous strays," McDaniel said. "They didn't want to see the animals euthanized. They didn't want to see the animals not cared for."

The Parr's attorney said the couple thought they were going to a civil hearing to determine the temporary custody of the children who were home schooled.

Instead, based on information about the living conditions, the judge charged them with aggravated child abuse and placed an $110,000 bonds on each of them.

The two teenagers are in DCS custody. They were home schooled but the state put them in public schools.

Collierville police say this is not the first time the Parr's have been involved with animal hoarding. In 2004, investigators say the couple had a huge number of dogs in their Collierville home.

For now William and Rocio Parr are behind bars.

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