Judge ruled against city's voter ID request, no library cards allowed

(WMC-TV) - The city of Memphis' lawsuit challenging Tennessee's voter ID requirements has been shut down.

A Nashville judge ruled against the City's request to block the state's Voter ID law or accept the city's new photo library cards to be valid for voting.

This comes after the re-filing of a lawsuit by the City and two residents in Davidson County last month. In that suit, they asked for the court to declare the law unconstitutional.

As things stand now, Tenn. voters must present a state issued photo ID before they can vote.

According to the Commercial Appeal, the judge also ruled the City of Memphis cannot delay the enforcement of the law to give people time to get the proper ID.

City attorneys argue that could mean more than 90,000 registered voters statewide may be turned away at the polls in November.

But it is not over yet, this morning, The City of Memphis does plan to appeal but will wait until the judge finalizes the ruling first.

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