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Gun laws could change in DeSoto County

(WMC-TV) – There is a war waging in DeSoto County over Mississippi's gun laws.

Pretty soon, the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors will hear from residents about a proposed ordinance that could change where gun owners can and cannot carry their weapons.

The DeSoto County board of supervisors is considering a proposed law that would better regulate who can carry a weapon in DeSoto County's parks.

That is welcomed news for Misty Alphin.

"Someone who doesn't have any experience with guns just goes out and buys one can end up shooting somebody and I got kids. I don't want that happening. Stray bullets can go anywhere," said Alphin.

According to Supervisor Mark Gardner, you can own a gun, keep it in your home, and carry it in your vehicle in Mississippi without a permit.

Now, supervisors want to require a permit for gun owners to carry their weapons in the county's parks.

"Shouldn't really be guns in the park. I understand if you carry them for safety and what not, but you need to have a permit for it," said Alphin.

Gardner says the proposed ordinance is similar to what municipal parks have.

"The Tennessee law you do have to take a firearms course, so Mississippi now has that endorsement where you take the 8 hour course then you're certified to carry it anywhere," said Gardner.

Gardner says there have been a few recent incidents that have sparked the change.

"We've got some remote parks in the county and our greenways where people have been target practicing on our signs. We know there are people over there with firearms," he said.

Gardner also adds that while the county is not trying to take away anyone's second amendment rights, safety is top priority.

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