Hero's homecoming for Munford Marine injured in the line of duty

Hero homecoming

MUNFORD, TN - (WMC-TV) – A Mid-South Marine injured in the line of duty received a hero's homecoming in Munford, Tennessee.

Thursday, Christian Brown was in route to Munford for a hero's welcome. Prior to coming home coming, he was in Bethesda, Maryland recovering from injuries caused by an explosion that changed his life.

The attack happened in Afghanistan back in December. And during that attack, and explosion took two of his legs, and a finger. He was also left with severe burns and internal injuries.

After spending many months in the hospital, he was finally able to go home again.

He arrived to a crowd of friends, family, and members of his community. Even the mayor was standing by - ready to shake his hand.

"He has become a hero. Certainly a hometown hero. We are glad he's coming home," Mayor Cole said.

But still, the serviceman cannot forget all that he has been through.

"It was a devastating thing," said Munford Mayor Dwayne Cole. "It was traumatic. I remember the early moments of that developing story and how the whole community was gripped with emotion."

The big celebration will be Friday at the Brighton/Munford football game. It's being played in his honor with fireworks and donations to his family as Brown continues his recovery.

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