Medical marijuana could be legalized in Arkansas

Medical marijuana could be legalized in Arkansas

(WMC-TV) - No matter what side of the vote you are on, the fact that you're voting on the matter at all has people talking.

The Arkansas Supreme Court denied a request from conservative groups to keep the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act off the November ballot. Arkansas is the first Southern state to consider legalizing medical marijuana.

The Act acknowledges marijuana is still illegal under federal law, but provides protection for patients who have cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Tourettes, PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, and other conditions.

ASU political science professor Dr. Richard Wang says Arkansans can count on the rest of country to keep tabs on what happens next.

"There's a lot of national attention to it and that national attention will increase as the election appears six weeks out," said ASU Political Science Prof. Dr. Richard Wang.

And the significance of it being on the ballot is not going unnoticed.

"It'll be a close vote due to the fact that there's always been talking about it and they've been pushing really hard just to get this into the ballot," Wang said.

Voters may approve the measure, but if not, they say the vote itself suggests a changing tide in the Natural State.

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