Mayor Greg Davis clears hurdle over city repayment

Mayor Greg Davis clears hurdle over city repayment
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis

(WMC-TV) - Greg Davis cleared a legal hurdle in his fight over spending on city trips, but it is far from over.

A preliminary injunction was signed by Chancellor Dwayne Thomas to stop the state of Mississippi from taking Southaven Mayor Greg Davis' paycheck.

In a statement, the Mississippi auditor's office said it wished the chancellor denied the bond.

Last month, Greg Davis asked a chancellor to grant a preliminary injunction to stop the state from garnishing his paycheck. The state says Davis still owes more than $70,000.

Davis already paid the state almost $100,000 in money the state maintains was misspent city funds.

This injunction prevents the state from asking for the $70,000 from Davis.

Davis' attorney Steve Farese told Action News 5 that he is still in negotiations with the state.

"We're still trying to work a settlement that will make both sides unhappy. That's what a settlement does," said Farese.

It means nobody gets exactly what they wanted.

While the preliminary injunction is in place, Davis does not have to pay the state anything. The chancellor's ruling does require Davis put up a $75,000 bond. The state auditor says that should insure the state gets its money eventually.

The Mississippi state auditor says his office "will continue moving forward to collect money Davis owes to the taxpayers of Southaven".

Farese said he will also continue to work to prove Davis does not owe the city any more money.

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