Mother: 'Just because you're on FB with gang signs, don't mean you're in a gang'

Mother: 'Just because you're on FB with gang signs, don't mean you're in a gang'

(WMC-TV) – The Facebook page of a 15-year-old killed by an off duty Memphis police officer is raising questions about the kind of person he was. His mother is speaking out to let people know that what appears on her son's social media network is not an accurate portrayal.

DeAngelo Thompson is Justin Thompson's cousin. He says Justin's Facebook page was more fantasy than it was reality.

The teen's profile shows him smoking marijuana, claiming to "live by selling dope", and throwing gang signs with his fingers.

In one of his last status updates, Justin Thompson posted, "He was like posted in the trap got me seeing plenty dollar signs."

Those are words his cousin, DeAngelo, claims were lyrics from a rap song.

Shirley Thompson, Justin's mother, says she is still waiting on results from the TBI's investigation.

Her son was killed Monday by a Memphis officer. That shooting prompted an examination of the officer's personnel record.

Shirley said her son has had no previous record and only portrayed a negative image on social media to appear cool.

"Just because you're on Facebook with gang signs, that don't mean that you're in a gang because you're wearing red, red is a color," she said.

She explained all of the money he is holding in his Facebook photos.

"It was my bill money, that I gave him," said Shirley.

Thompson said Justin was set to graduate early from Southeast Preparatory School next year. She said his principal will present a diploma at a vigil being held Friday night in the place where he died.

"We want to put it out there what type of person my son was, not by only me saying he was a good, sweet boy," said Shirley. "I want the whole community to know what type of son that I had."

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