Artwork or eyesore? You be the judge

Artwork or eyesore? You be the judge

(WMC-TV) – Art or an eyesore? The answer is in the eye of the beholder.

Quirky pieces of artwork line the path to the Appling City Cove car inspection site. But some people think the place looks like a dump.

Used cars, tractor guts, weathered traffic signs, and rusted bumpers… Motorist Lam Bach totally gets it.

"It's so beautiful. Why? Everything is so organized and I like the landscape too," he said.

But not everyone agrees with Bach's idea of art.

In a letter written to the Commercial Appeal, Dennis Seaton finds the art reminiscent of the untidy habits of Memphis' self proclaimed Prince, Robert Prince Mongo Hodges.

Seaton found it "intriguing the city of Memphis hounded Mr. Mongo relentlessly, but has such a display of their own. Maybe an apology is due to the Prince?"

"That's the only thing I see, just some old pieces of cars, it's up there, it's not really designed," agreed Dorothy Williams.

Memphis Artist Carol Deforest told Action News 5 she spent three years handpicking each piece from junk yards in three states. The environmentally green project was designed to entertain.

One of the perks of the artwork is that it gives drivers something to look at as they wait in line for an inspection. Ironically, this is the least busy station in the city and some motorists say that is the real beauty of it.

Dorothy Williams was in and out and unimpressed, even though the not so shiny artwork is a shining example of responsible recycling.

Carol Deforest is proud of her work and so is the Memphis Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, who presented this center the 2012 award of Merit.

Deforest says she is sorry she was compared to Prince Mongo.

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