Story behind the #HeyStJude viral video

Story behind the #HeyStJude viral video

(WMC-TV) – People who have seen it are buzzing about it. St. Jude produced an inspiring video featuring its patients, employees, and well-known celebrities coming together to sing their rendition of "Hey Jude".

St. Jude's fundraising arm ALSAC is very proud of the video. After SONY music executives approved the use of The Beatles' class, ALSAC said getting celebrities on board was no problem.

Since it was published to YouTube Tuesday, it has been seen more than 330,000 times.

"It literally took a village to put the whole thing together," said Richard Shadyac, ALSAC CEO.

The video was inspired by Tony Thomas, Hollywood producer and son of St. Jude founder Danny Thomas. It features the likes of Musiq Soulchild, Lady Antebellum, Robin Williams, and more singing the iconic song.

"Our production team and our media services team here in Memphis, along with some other folks to just go around the country asking celebrity supporters and our patients families, doctors, scientists, and researchers to help us in this venture," said Shadyac.

ALSAC CEO Richard Shadyac says the lyrics embody the mission of the children's hospital.

"The song talks about making things better, taking a sad song and making things better and isn't that what we do here at St. Jude Research hospital?" he said.

Shadyac says the goal of the video is to raise $1 million for research and so far, they've raised about $160,000 in just two days.

"We're cautiously optimistic, but again, you can get on our site and you can buy that great Hey St. Jude t-shirt for $35 or make a donation for as little as $5 dollars, you can help our kids and the families at St. Jude," said Shadyac.

If you have not seen the video yet, it is a must see. Click the play button in the video box below to view it.  For more information about the #HeyStJude initiative, click here.

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