12-year-old allegedly attacked at school with paperclip

12-year-old allegedly attacked at school with paperclip

(WMC-TV) – A 12-year-old boy claims that kids at his school held him down and scratched gang graffiti on his body with a paperclip.

Now, the boy's mother wants justice.

The boy has scars on his face from an alleged paperclip attack that happened at a school in Coldwater, Mississippi.

"They had one kid who had his legs, another had his arm, and another was sitting on top of him holding his mouth shut," said the victim's mother, Amy.

But what is even more upsetting for Amy, is what the signs may mean.

"One of the things that they put onto his hand looks like a gang sign, and he comes home all the time talking about these kids and the gangs that they're in and the things that they're doing," she said.

Amy says the attack happened two days ago. She says after reporting it to the school, she also went to the sheriff's office.

"We've initiated an investigation into the allegation, the school has initiated their own, I'm not sure if they've complete it or not," said Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance.

James Malone with Tate County Schools says the matter remains under investigation.

In the complaint, the child states his teacher was in the room, but never looked up from his computer.

As the school and sheriff both investigate the alleged incident, Amy is ready to send her son to a new school.

"If it was a one-on-one fight between two boys, it happens, I understand that, but I'm scared to send him to school," she said.

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