Sales Tax referendum vote, Memphis Grizzlies training camp opens, James Meredith 50th Ann. & Teen pregnancy program in MS

Good morning Mid-South! It's a soggy start to the work week. We need the rain and we got some...Ron Childers tell us when the rain will stop and what we can expect this week. He has updates every 10 mins on WMC-TV5.

We talked with friends of the 21 year old Bartlett woman who fell off of a cruise ship...they are frustrated about the mystery surrounding her death. Details this AM.

The Memphis Grizzlies begin their training camp today with some high expectations...we'll talk grizzlies basketball this morning on WMC-TV5...GO GRIZZ!!

Today.. Ole Miss honors James Meredith on the 50th anniversary of the university's integration. We'll talk about what the school is doing to mark the anniversary and tell you about various events on campus.

Also we have suggestions on when you should take your car to the mechanic and when you can wait...

Plus the U.S. Supreme Court is back in session and they are expected to tackle quite a bit of hot button topics during this session. We're talking about this upcoming session.

Plus a GM recall,a new plan to curb teen pregnancy in Mississippi, and a push to vote FOR a sales tax in Shelby County.

Join Kym, Ron and me right now! We're live for you on this Monday on WMC-TV5

Andrew Douglas