Teresa Mayes' testimony reveals details about Bain murders

Teresa Mayes' testimony reveals details about Bain murders
A TBI agent read Teresa Mayes' testimony in court
A TBI agent read Teresa Mayes' testimony in court
Mary Mayes takes the stand in Hardeman County
Mary Mayes takes the stand in Hardeman County

(WMC-TV) – Teresa Mayes' testimony was read by a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent in a Hardeman County courtroom.

In the testimony, it was revealed that Adam Mayes had been planning the kidnapping of the Bain sisters for more than one year.  That is according to his wife, Theresa.

Her testimony also said that Adam was in love with Alexandria Bain, the 12-year-old sister who survived the ordeal. Teresa claimed he called her his "new love".  She said he was planning to move to Arizona because he said he could not live without her.

In her statement, Theresa said she and Adam originally planned to kidnap the girls from the bus stop two days earlier, but showed up late and failed.

She hid the Mayes' Durango at the Bain house for two days eating pickles and warm soda while her husband waited for an opportunity.

"Thursday night, Adam poisoned Gary using Visine, Lexorall, Darvocet, Demerol in a Tequila sunrise. Jo Ann was supposed to drink one as well, but she went to sleep beforehand so Adam gave Gary the drink intended for Jo Ann," the testimony read.

Teresa claims Adam then hit Jo Ann Bain with a two by four.

"He said this didn't phase her.  Adam said she fought while he was strangling her with a rope with PVC at the ends," said Teresa Mayes' testimony.

The testimony also revealed that Adam Mayes smothered Adrienne, but that was all he shared with his wife.

Teresa said Jo Ann and 14-year-old Adrienne Bain were killed at the home.  She also said that the girls were on their property the first time investigators came to their door.

"The deputy told us about the girls and Jo Ann, but my name was never brought up, but Adam's name was brought up," said Teresa's testimony.  "Adam said he didn't know where the girls were.  And Adam elbowed me when the deputy turned his head.  And I said, 'Oh my god,' and went back into the house.  I checked myself into behavioral about an hour later.  Adam and I fought about this and Mary took my side in the argument.  I think the kids were on the camera in the yard at the time."

The judge decided to turn Teresa Mayes' case over to the grand jury.

She is charged with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping.

The judge also turned Mary Mayes' case over to the grand jury.

Mary's defense attorney, Terry Dycus, says his client did not assist in a kidnapping.

"Our client all along has said that she didn't know that they were kidnapped," said Dycus.

He also said he is concerned about hearsay evidence, which lead him to a previous Action News 5 report and jailhouse letters sent to Teresa's sister, Bobbi Lee Booth.

"My client says she's never sent any letters to her, that she's very limited in her resources. She doesn't have any stamps and wouldn't have wasted a stamp on a letter to Bobbi Lee Booth," said Dycus.

Mary is charged with two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping.

It was April 27 when Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters went missing. On May 5, the media learned that two bodies were found in a shallow grave behind Adam Mayes' home. That same day, an Amber Alert was issued for the missing Bain girls.

Two days later, the bodies found at the Mayes home were identified as being Jo Ann Bain and her oldest daughter, Adrienne. The next day Adam's wife, Teresa, and his mother, Mary, were charged in connection to the crimes.

The two girls were found May 10 when a wildlife resource officer came upon them in the woods just miles from where Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain's bodies were found.

To read Teresa Mayes' entire testimony from Monday, click here.  But first, a warning... readers may find the content in the testimony disturbing.

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