Teresa Mayes' sister reacts to chilling testimony in double-murder and kidnapping

Teresa Mayes' sister Reacts To Chilling Testimony In Double Murder and Kidnapping

HARDEMAN COUNTY, TN - (WMC-TV) – Teresa Mayes' sister reacts to chilling testimony, detailing Mayes' participation in the double-murder and kidnapping of the Bain family last May.

Bobbi Booth said she had a feeling Monday's testimony would not go well for her sister.  A TBI agent testified Teresa Mayes was very involved with the kidnapping of the two Bain sisters and knew about the murders of their mother and sister.

"Adam was began planning to kidnap Alex over a year ago that I know of," Trout read from Mayes' statement.

Teresa Mayes sat in court and listened as TBI agent, Valerie Trout read from a statement Teresa gave to investigators.

"Mrs. Mayes gave statements incriminating herself in this case," Trout said.

Investigators say Teresa Mayes admitted driving the bodies of JoAnn and her 14-year-old daughter to Mississippi where she lived with Adam and his parents. Alex and her younger sister were also in the car. But it is not clear if they knew about the bodies in the back. Teresa Mayes' sister Bobbi Booth told me by phone that she thinks her sister should be punished, but she did not participate in the murders.

"I'm disappointed that she would let it go that far for she should have known to tell, but if a man threatens to kill you what do you do," said Bobbi Booth.

According to testimony, Adam was in love with 12-year-old Alex and planned to kidnap her and her sister a year before the actual kidnapping because they were moving to Arizona and he could not live without Alex.

"It just blows my mind," a neighbor said.

Mayes' neighbors in Alpine, Mississippi who did not want to be identified said they knew Mayes had a special relationship with all three Bain sisters. But not the kind described in court.

"I just thought it was his kids from another marriage is what they told me. All of them told us that," said one neighbor.

Adam Mayes' mother was also in court. Testimony indicated she knew about the kidnapping of the two Bain Girls. The judge ruled there was enough evidence to send both cases to the grand jury which meets in January.

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