Some businesses forget to raise sales tax rate on first day

Some Businesses Forgot To Change Sales Tax Rate On First Day

COLLIERVILLE, TN - (WMC-TV) – Monday municipal residents were supposed to start paying more to foot the bill for separate school districts. Except some business owners forgot to up their sales tax.

Several business owners in Collierville say they didn't get a reminder to change the tax rate, so many shoppers were off the hook at least for today.

Here at Jim's Place Grill a Monday night is a busy. Shrimp and steaks are their priority, not the sales tax increase.

"A tax rate most people know that's out of our control and it is what it is," said Jim's Place Grille General Manager Sam Taras.

With all the orders coming in, the general manager tells me it's amazing they remembered this letter coming in telling them October first is the day.

"If I had to guess, 50 percent of establishments have fallen through the cracks today and no one has changed their computers," Taras said.

Despite the dinner rush, Jim's place remembered. The customers -  not necessarily.

"I don't think they are really noticing," said Selina Sparkman.

Instead, paying the bill not noticing the total sales tax in Collierville is now 9.75 percent up from 9.25 percent.

"From what I'm hearing they want to make sure the schools are protected and are willing to pay the extra money," Taras said.

It wasn't the talk at the bar either.

"I get more of the municipal school district talk at my neighborhood than I do at my bar," said Taras.

Here it's about the food and drink, whatever the cost.

The one county municipality where you won't be paying the tax increase is Millington, where residents voted for a district but against funding it with a tax increase.

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