School board will discuss hazing incident possibly involving noose

Hazing Incident Possibly Involving Noose Leads To Expulsions

(WMC-TV) –  Today, a hazing incident possibly involving a noose will go before a school board in Wynne, Arkansas.

Family members of a 14-year-old African American student at Wynne High School claim white students tied a noose around his neck in a locker room prior to football practice last Monday.

And during today's meeting, the board will consider the expulsions of two junior varsity football players. Five other players have already been suspended.

"We love Wynne, it's a good school system," said parent Benita South.  "And sometimes we just mess up."

Black and white parents are equally outraged although some were hesitant about being identified.

"If it was me doing it to you," asked one of them.  "What would they do?"

She thought some of the students should be criminally charged.

"Why not?" she asked.

Wynne Police interviewed 30 or so students in the locker-room at the time of the incident.  They determined punishment should be handled by the school district.

In addition to the students who are in trouble, the superintendent said staff members may be disciplined as well for not properly supervising them.

"Kids at no time should be left unsupervised and we're gonna have to revisit how we supervise students," said Easley.

The African-American student's mother insisted Action News 5 not identify her son out of fear for his safety.

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