City council will meet on college degree requirement for MPD

(WMC-TV) - Officer Adrian Brown is now facing DUI charges after he was pulled over by a Mississippi state trooper driving the wrong way down I-55 in Madison, Mississippi.

He was off duty at the time, and has since been suspended without pay.

Brown is the third Memphis police officer in two weeks to be in trouble with the law.

In light of some of those run-ins with officers, a civil rights group has filed a federal lawsuit.

The social change group Direct Action Memphis filed the lawsuit accusing Mayor AC Wharton and Police Director Toney Armstrong of violating citizens' rights for failing to exert peaceful communications between police and people.

The suit stems from the more violent run-ins with police officers, the latest being last week's shooting death of 15-year old Justin Thompson by off-duty officer Terrance Shaw. It also includes other fatal police-involved incidents from this year.

"These officers were in violation of the law and yet they're allowed to go home and get paid, but the average citizen would be locked up and in jail," Kennith VanBuren, with Direct Action Memphis.

As this case heads to a judge, the Memphis City Council will meet Tuesday to discuss whether or not they should reinstate the college degree requirement for Memphis Police officers.

We will monitor that meeting and let you know any developments that come from it. Please check with throughout the day for updates.

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