City could appeal judge's decision over voter IDs

City could appeal judge's decision over voter IDs

(WMC-TV) – The City of Memphis could appeal a judge's decision to not allow Memphis library cards as a proof of identification to vote.

In Memphis, the Department of Safety and Homeland Security location on East Shelby Drive will be open special hours this weekend so people can get their free photo I.D. in order to vote in November.

A new state law, effective this year, requires voters present a federal or state issued photo I.D. at the polls.

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton thinks Memphis photo library cards should also be accepted at the polls. He is waiting for a judge's final order on the matter before filing an appeal.

"There are higher courts and I'll wait for the lawyers to come and tell me if we should take it to a higher court," said Mayor Wharton.

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