Neighbors believe vandalism is done by teens retaliating

Neighbors believe vandalism is done by teens retaliating

(WMC-TV) – A Memphis neighborhood is fighting back and working together to stop crime in the community. But they say a few teens are retaliating.

A local pastor says a few teenagers are upset that a group of women have been keeping a watchful eye on their community.

A brick thrown through a window was the latest message to keep these women from reporting crime but that only motivated them to take a bigger stand.

Piperton, Tennessee Pastor A.L. Robinson was called to his mother's home Saturday near Shelby Drive and Tchulahoma Road.

Robinson believes a group of teens are responsible for vandalizing his mother's home and his sister's car with a brick.

When Memphis police officers arrived, Robinson learned that his mother was not the only target.

"My mother was the fourth or fifth victim to have this done," he said.

He says an officer told him that other neighbors had recently filed reports, including a woman on the next street.

"He told me that they took the meter from off the street and threw it through her front window," said Robinson.

Robinson says so far, all of the victims have been single women.

He believes his mother was targeted because she is known for reporting crime and suspicious activity that she sees in the area.

Because she is concerned for her safety, Robinson's mother did not want to appear on camera. She has lived in the neighborhood for more than 20 years.

But Pastor Robinson says he is taking a stand on her behalf and he will not allow teens to intimidate residents in their community.

"No one is going to leave this community and we're going to work with MPD and make sure they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law," he said.

Robinson says police found a bandana that was left behind in his mother's yard. They kept it as evidence. He says he is confident he can identify the teens and he is hopeful investigators will be able to lift fingerprints from the brick thrown into his mother's home.

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