Convenience store thieves recorded on surveillance despite best efforts

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A Couple of thieves thought they had a convenience store fooled, but they were wrong.

The crooks who broke into a convenience store at Holmes and Elvis Presley thought they had it all figured out. They did get away with a lot of cash but it was all caught on a surveillance camera they thought they had disabled.

Surveillance video from a convenience store on Elvis Presley shows two crooks working hard to open an ATM early Monday morning when the store was closed.

The crooks thought they were pretty slick, cutting the phone lines, even the ones to the box that says ATM. It means no one would be alerted a burglary was going on.

Look at the counter area in the front of the store - wires to the gas pump cameras ripped out.

But one camera was still recording, and it captured the two mask-less crooks working hard to get into the ATM.  You can see the pieces of it strewn on the floor as one guy uses a crowbar and his weight to try to get it open. A second guy with long braids walks up and tries to help.  He walks away a few times apparently tired, looking around giving the camera a good look.  Store employee Mohamed Abdosh says the two guys were in the store for at least two hours and it was all recorded.

Abdosh knew something was wrong when he showed up for work early Monday and saw the door had been pried open.

"As soon as I looked the door was open," Abdosh said. "I just took a look at the ATM. The ATM all the way everywhere."

Abdosh stacked the ATM back up. But the crooks got 20 thousand dollars from it and more than 5 thousand dollars worth of cigarettes and more than 54 cases of cigars worth more than 12 hundred dollars.

So the haul for the crooks was more than 25 thousand dollars. But they damaged a 30 thousand dollar ATM and the metal on a 3 thousand dollar door and frame. If you recognize the one guy call police.

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