Cooper-Young ranked one of the best neighborhoods in the country

Cooper-Young Ranked One Of The Best Neighborhoods In The Country

(WMC-TV) –The non-profit American Planning Association named Cooper-Young one of the ten best neighborhoods in the United States, because of its historic architecture, live music and its new and interesting businesses.

Residents said they've always known how great their community was, but are glad the rest of the country is hearing about it now.

In November, the restaurant, Alchemy will celebrate its one year anniversary of making unique drinks and small plates with atmosphere. Just like those who love the neighborhood say about the community itself.

"When I moved here 8 years ago I was told to move here," said Alchemy Manager Aileen Hogan. "It's eclectic, it's fun. It's artsy. There are a lot of families walking around the neighborhood. Just very friendly people," Hogan added.

A dynamic that brings people from across Memphis here to enjoy a night out or evening on the patio, like these two cooper young residents.

"I know everybody on my street," said residents Leslie Petty and Diana Comes. "We know everybody by name, you know we hang out on the street and chat."

The group also named the very active Cooper Young Community Association as a key element in keeping residents engaged and supporting the businesses.

"It's walkable you always see people you know in the street in restaurants when you walk to a book store," Petty and Comes said. "It's great to be able to be outside and have a sense of community.

The best neighborhood distinction is part of a larger initiative called "Great Places" where the group also named the best streets and public places.

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