Man whose 'skin was falling off his body' dies

Police say the man was burned at an active meth lab on Priscilla Avenue
Police say the man was burned at an active meth lab on Priscilla Avenue
Traci Bowles (Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Office)
Traci Bowles (Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Office)

(WMC-TV) – A man who witnesses say was running down a Memphis street covered in burns has died as a result from the injuries.

Traci Bowles, 34, said she brought Mario McCalister, 29, to Methodist North after she saw him with his "skin falling off his body".

Doctors said he was in extremely critical condition and he was transported to The MED's burn unit.

When investigators went to the home where they believed McCalister had been burned, they saw burned clothing through an open window and there was smoke in the attic.

The home on Priscilla Avenue where the fire happened ended up being the home of the woman who took McCalister to the hospital.

Officers asked Traci Bowles if they could enter her house. Inside, they found blood in the kitchen, den, hallway, and bathrooms. Burned clothing was found in the kitchen and den. Investigators say they also found the ingredients used to make meth.

Bowles was taken to the police station where she agreed to interview with officers. She said she was not home when the fire that burned McCalister took place.

She told police she was down the street at a friend's house when she heard him screaming from her driveway. When she ran to him, she said his skin was falling off of his body.

Bowles was not able to explain why investigators found meth-related trash in her home. Due to inconsistencies in her story, officers arrested her.

She faces several charges related to the manufacturing of meth.

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