Kids, parents embrace 'Walk to School Day'

Kids, parents embrace 'Walk to School Day'

(WMC-TV) - Mid-south students and their parents turned out share an important message about walking and good health.

Instead of the "usual" beginning to their school day at Cordova Elementary, students and their parents kicked off their Wednesday by going on a health walk.

"Well I'm walking for the school to get exercise and have fun with my friends," said 4th grader Cailey Nicks.

Many showed up with homemade posters and walked a distance of about a mile down the street in front of their school.

Health officials say that is good because walking a mile can help you burn up about 160 calories.

The event is also aimed at giving parents a chance to participate and share some quality with their children.

"It was great to see a lot of parents out here today walking with their kids, enjoying the morning," said parent Derrick Roach.

Some students in the group will even write papers on walking and fitness.

Other turned this into a huge math problem. They will count their steps and then create a math equation that measures distance.

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