Neighborhood watch group takes 'code violations' seriously

Neighborhood watch group takes 'code violations' seriously

(WMC-TV) – Memphis police spent hours at a home after someone reported that several animals had been left alone for days.

When officers arrived, they collected two dogs from the backyard. Both of them appeared to be healthy and well fed.

The call came as a result of community complaints and concerns. One neighborhood group says it is dedicated to keeping a clean and safe community.

The original complaint was made with the help of the Vollintine Evergreen Community Association.

"We've been working on different code violations in the neighborhood," said Adam Alsamadisi, Vollintine Evergreen Community Association.

Code enforcement officers on scene found evidence of a vacant house with the potential for animal neglect.

Memphis Animal Services officers on the scene then got another complaint about two loose dogs at another house down the road.

The man who lived there has been in jail since last Monday. His dogs were left in the backyard.

One neighbor said he has been caring for them.

"All I was doing is just going in and feeding them, you know," he said.

But animal control declined to release the dogs to him.

As for the original call, city officials say they are still investigating that case and will likely have to return another day.

"What I've come to really understand is how much these community members appreciate and want to give back to their community," said Alsamadisi. "People do make differences and make their neighborhoods safer."

The Vollintine Evergreen Community Association is serious about code enforcement and is hosting a public seminar and forum about cleaning up code violations on November 3.

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