PTA groups fear fundraised money could go elsewhere after merger

PTA groups fear fundraised money could go elsewhere after merger

(WMC-TV) - Several Shelby County school PTA groups are concerned that all of the money they are raising for their schools will not go to them after the merger.

When it comes to the school merger, some parents worry people might be hesitant about giving if they knew there was a significant chance the money would not stay in the community.

For many years The Bailey Bear Boogie fundraiser at Bailey Station Elementary in Collierville has been a tradition.

The PTA-sponsored event, where children run laps to help raise money for the school, typically produces more than $30,000 for Bailey Station. It is money that is poured directly back into the classrooms.

"They buy extra computers for the classrooms. They buy extra instruments for the music room. A lot of technology is put into place with the money we raise," said Molly Stevens, who is a parent.

But with the merger and municipalities wanting their own schools, there is a lot of concern about where the money could end up going.

"For a merger to happen and all of a sudden the things we worked very hard for to be taken away and put somewhere else. That would be difficult," said Stevens.

Some Shelby County Schools' parents like Stevens fear that once the unification is complete, the assets they have purchased using PTA funds will be transferred to other schools that are not as fortunate.

"Can we trade it back to an original fundraising event that we did at this school or does it get lost in the fray?" she wondered.

The principal of Bailey Station Elementary had no comment.

Meanwhile, Action News 5 is still waiting to hear back from PTA leaders.

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