Mail carrier robbed at gunpoint by two masked men

Delrico Dansberry (Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Office)
Delrico Dansberry (Source: Shelby County Sheriff's Office)

(WMC-TV) – A mail carrier was held up at gunpoint and forced to give two suspects all of his mail.

According to police, the mailman was getting back into his truck after delivering mail on Bethlehem Avenue when he was approached by two masked gunmen.

The mail carrier said he handed over two trays of mail when one of the suspects put a gun to his waist. He said the two men got into a silver Lexus ES300 and drove away with the mail.

Investigators developed Delrico Dansberry as a suspect and presented the mail carrier with a photo lineup. They say the victim positively identified Dansberry as one of the gunmen.

Dansberry is charged with aggravated robbery but denies any involvement in the crime.

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