Tow truck driver critically injured in shooting

Joseph Proffitt (left), David Proffitt (right)
Joseph Proffitt (left), David Proffitt (right)

(WMC-TV) – A tow truck driver is in critical condition after being shot in the back while towing a vehicle at a Whitehaven apartment complex.

Officers responded to the call at the Tulane Apartments on Shelby Drive.

Another tow truck driver, David Yates, was there when the shooting happened. He told police that he and the victim, Scotty Arnold, were towing vehicles out of the complex when two armed men approached them.

When Arnold began to drive away, Yates said one of the men fired several shots into the vehicle, hitting Arnold in the back.

Yates says the two men jumped into a Cadillac and tried to drive away. He chased them and was able to detain one of the men. That man is identified by police as Joseph Proffitt.

When officers arrived, Yates called out to them, "This is the shooter! I saw him shoot my friend right in front of me."

Police say Joseph Proffitt still had a .40 caliber handgun on him when they got there.

David Proffitt was also arrested in connection with the assault.

Arnold was taken to The MED in critical condition.

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