Victim in her 90s describes home invasion robbery

Victim in her 90s describes home invasion robbery

(WMC-TV) – The victim of a home invasion robbery is scared to go outside after being forced at gunpoint to sit in her closet as two men stole her belongings.

The victim is a woman in her 90s and she is now urging neighbors everywhere to be on high alert.

Police say one of the suspects had been in the Olive Branch neighborhood ahead of the robbery asking around about a lost dog. They say he was likely using the story to find a target.

"I'll never be the same again," said the victim, who wants to remain anonymous.

She is grateful she survived the terrifying home invasion. She was at home alone, working on her computer when a man showed up next to her and pointed a gun at her head.

"He said, 'I've never had anything and I'm going to get what I want now and I want your money.' And the gun was at my forehead nearly all the time. And he said, 'I'll kill you if you don't give me your money,'" explained the victim.

Marquel Hayes, 21, is charged with the crime.

Olive Branch police say he broke in through a window and forced the woman into a closet while he took thousands of dollars worth of family antiques and her bank card. But this was not the first time Hayes had been by her house.

"He asked her if he could look for his dog. He said, 'I think he's in the backyard,'" said Major Tim Presley, Olive Branch Police Department. "We feel like this individual was seeking out his victim or looking at canvassing the area for that."

After other burglaries in nearby neighborhoods along Stateline Road, Police and the victim stressed the importance of watching out for strangers on the streets.

"Try to be a good witness, just get us as much information as you can because a lot of these crimes we're able to solve even if it's after the fact because somebody got a good description," said Major Presley.

Hayes is charged with burglary home invasion and grand larceny.

The woman in this case did not suffer any injuries as a result of the robbery.

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