Brothers charged with shooting tow truck driver

David and Joseph Proffitt
David and Joseph Proffitt

(WMC-TV) - Scotty Arnold, 23, is a father and volunteer firefighter from Marshall County, Mississippi. He was shot in the back Wednesday night while working his other job as a driver for 901 Towing & Recovery in Memphis.

"He's being strong," said company owner Larry Roland.

Roland was joined Thursday by tow truck drivers from around the city wishing Arnold well. He remains at The MED and is possibly paralyzed as a result of the gunshot wound.

"He's not walking, but he's responsive," said Roland. "He's talking," he added.

Chopper 5 was over the shooting scene Wednesday night near Tulane and Shelby Drive where Arnold and another tow truck driver attempted to repossess a vehicle.

According to a police report, brothers Joseph and David Proffitt fired several shots into Arnold's truck and struck him once. They were charged with aggravated assault after Arnold's colleague rammed their Cadillac with his tow truck to keep them from getting away.

Arnold's boss says he and other employees had previous run-ins with Joseph Proffitt over the repeated repossession of his car.

"We actually repossessed the vehicle three times," said Roland. "The third time after we repossessed it he said he was going to catch us," he added.

Roland believes the crime was premeditated and wants charges upgraded to attempted murder as his friend and employee begins his recovery.

"We're gonna get him in therapy," said Roland. "Gonna stand by him 100 percent," he added.

The Proffitt brothers are both being held on bonds of $150,000. They are due in court Friday morning.

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