Memphis club, market shutdown; deemed public nuisance

Memphis Club and Market Shut Down: Deemed Public Nuisance

(WMC-TV) – A Memphis Club has been shut down, deemed a public nuisance by the Shelby County District Attorney General.

The D.A. shut the "Hey Babies" and the B-52 Market because there were too many problems at the two businesses, even a killing.

People we talked with in the area tell us they didn't really see a big problem.

"I used to live over here years ago and there was plenty of shootings back then too," stated customer Ralph Pryor.

Apparently plenty of problems still exist.  The B-52 Market on North Hollywood looks open, there is even an open sign flashing.

"The lights on everything coolers running everything," said Terry Brown.

B-52 had a lot of people stopping by who did not know it was closed.  Mike Watkins stops by for the coffee.

"It be very smooth, it don't be no problems up here or nothing," said Watkins.

He may not have seen problems but the police did.

Between August of last year and this year, police were called to B-52 200 times for things like theft public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

In July a man was jumped, beaten, and robbed outside the market.

Last year a man was shot in the back coming out of the store.

The police started investigating B-52 when they started looking at complaints coming from the club next door, Hey Babies.

In April a man was shot to death and another wounded outside the club.  In the last year officers were called to the club 23 times.

"A lot of that stuff be outside," an anonymous lady told our crews.  "A lot of people just come up and hang out.  They don't even go in the club. They drive their cars up they and hang out," she added.

Terry Matthews told me he went to Hey Babies every week.

"It ain't no problem they just go there to enjoy themselves and relieve stress," said Matthews.

The market and club will be shut down until the owners appear in court. They will have to address the problems before they can reopen.

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