Push for fully-inclusive workplace protection continues

(WMC-TV) - City of Memphis employees could be one step closer to workplace protections. Supporters plan to push for a fully-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance.

The landmark vote for the anti-discrimination policy was put on hold last month because the Memphis city council requested legal experts to research it.

And Friday, The Tennessee Equality Project and other advocates plan to hold a press conference to announce their concerns with gender identity and expression being omitted from the ordinance.

They say too often, transgender people report harassment or mistreatment at work.

The ordinance approved last month would ban discrimination for nationality, age, disability, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The council fears the addition of sexual orientation might violate the city's charter.

A press conference planned for this afternoon is aimed to speak out to the Memphis city council to enact fully inclusive workplace protections for city employees.

It will be held at AFSCME at 485 Beale starting at 12:40 p.m.

They hope the council will amend the ordinance one more time on October 16th by adding Gender identity and expression.

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