Fast food feud at drive-thru leads to three arrests

Fast food feud at drive-thru leads to three arrests

(WMC-TV) - A trip through a Wendy's drive-thru turned into a food fight between the customers, and the restaurant manager.

Both sides of the argument blame the other but police blame everybody involved after a fast food feud spiraled out of control.

Andrea Seymore stopped to get her four kids dinner. She said she did not like the drive-thru attendant's attitude.

When she asked for the woman's name so she could report her to corporate, Seymore said she and her kids were doused with soda.

"It was horrible. Just horrible," said Seymore. "It got out of control. It really did."

The incident Seymore is describing happened at the Wendy's restaurant on South 3rd Street.

"She slung drink over me and my four children. Don't know what that was about. She even threw her headset and she threw ranch," said Seymore. "I don't think nobody's kids should have to go through no stuff like that."

The drive-thru attendant, Yolanda Fitzgerald, was the manager on duty at the time.

"I never had to go through nothing like this in my life," said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald says Seymore started the fight and that her passenger threw honey mustard packets at her first.

As for the cup Seymore says Fitzgerald tossed back at her, Fitzgerald said it was water, not soda.

"And I threw it at her, the people in the front seat. And she claims that the water splashed on the children, which, I didn't know any children was in the car. If the children was in the car, she shouldn't have come up here acting the way she acted in the first place," said Fitzgerald.

The police report says the women were "screaming and talking crazy to each other through the drive through window while impeding drive through traffic."

They say the women carried on "aberrant behavior in front of officers."

Police arrested Seymore, and her passenger, Kimberley Turner. The drive-thru attendant, Yolanda Fitzgerald, was also arrested after the fast food fight.

"I didn't mean for it to go down like that, but it was just a fast reaction. She just ticked me off," said Fitzgerald.

Turner has not yet posted bond.

All three women are due in court on Monday.

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