House fire victim claims restoration company didn't finish project

House fire victim claims restoration company didn't finish project
Fire damaged roof
Fire damaged roof
Stuckey says the roof of the home sags after being repaired
Stuckey says the roof of the home sags after being repaired

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South woman claims the construction company hired to repair her fire damaged home left the job incomplete after she and her insurance company paid them thousands of dollars.

Dorothy Stuckey has had a challenging year.

In January, her home caught on fire due to an electrical problem. More recently, she lost her job.

But it is what happened between then and now that prompted her to call the Action News 5 Investigators.

Dorothy Stuckey says she paid Northcross Restoration Company more than $100,000 in insurance money to restore her fired damaged home. But she says owner Charles Northcross sent her a sub contractor that turned her rehab into a nightmare.

"It took them a whole month to gut my house out and they still didn't gut it all the way out," said Stuckey.

Stuckey says builders painted over fire damaged and rotted wood. She said they replaced expensive fixtures with cheap ones.

"If you see how they left my back door, my back door is not secure," she said. "When you hit the stairwell at the top it will start smelling like something is burning."

Stuckey's ceiling is sagging from what she says is shabby roof repairs and there are structural concerns.

"On four or five different occasions they were barbecuing in my front yard when they were supposed to be in my house working," she explained.

Stuckey says right after the fire she and her husband did not intend to rebuild. But Northcross was persistent.

"This men kept on and kept on, I mean he called me every day," she said.

Stuckey says Northcross got her name and address from his son, a Memphis firefighter who help put her fire out.

"Yes and he said God sent us together and I said, 'Well if God sent him then I don't want to see anybody else that God sends,'" said Stuckey.

When Action News 5 reached out to Charles Northcross, he suggested we call his lawyer.

His attorney, Andrew Wener, said he could not comment on the case because he and Northcross have not discussed his position on the case yet.

Stuckey stopped payment on the last check to Northcross, who she says, is now threatening to sue her.

But she plans to fight back.

Stuckey has reported her problem to the Tennessee Insurance Commission.

She wants Northcross to fix the problems.

She says she has gotten an estimate for the work to be done how she sees fit and it would cost an additional $40,000.

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