Voter ID law brings Memphians out on Saturday

Voter ID law brings Memphians out on Saturday

(WMC-TV) – After decades of voting, one 85-year-old's daughter wasn't going to let a lost ID get in her mother's way of casting a ballot especially after watching the presidential debate this past week.

"When I heard that debate it just fired us up," said the daughter.  "She got fired up and I got fired up and hey it's time to go and vote.  Get out and vote and get your ID,"

With the new free voter ID in hand, the mother and daughter are set, but it wasn't as easy as walking out the door.

The 85-year-old is wheel chair bound, but that didn't stop the two.  They say the younger and more able populace has no excuse not to vote.

They weren't the only ones either.  A steady stream of younger children walked in helping to make sure their older parents meet the new ID requirements.

"If my 85 year old mother had the initiative to come out and get her ID to vote, I'm quite sure if you are young and able you should be able to come out with your two feet and get your ID to vote," the daughter stated.

If you sign up for an ID you not only have to prove you are who you say you are, but also that you are a Tennessee resident, which means paperwork.

You need a proof of citizenship and two proofs of Tennessee residency.  Plus, you have to sign an affidavit saying you don't already have a valid government issued ID.

"She taught us down through the civil rights and the marches and everything. We are just that type of family that participates.  She's going to vote she knows what she wants to do and she's going to do it," the daughter said.

With that tradition continuing now, the next time they load up in the car together these two will be heading to the polls.

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