Drivers urged to be on the lookout for deer

Drivers urged to be on the lookout for deer
(Source: WPBN)
(Source: WPBN)

(WMC-TV) – Drivers in North Mississippi are urged to use caution as deer mating season increases the risk for car crashes.

Mississippi has one of the largest deer populations in the country.

"Don't serve and miss it because you don't want to kill yourself and your family," said Jessie Ford, who works at Sportsman's Ridge Deer Processing.

Ford said cold weather means there are more deer in areas that were once rural.

"You are just centrally locating a bunch of deer, and deer, people, and cars, it just don't mix," he said.

The number of deer on the road has become a joke for some hunters.

"They travel a couple hundred miles to go deer hunting but leaving their driveway they hit a deer," said Ford.

In North Mississippi, the issue is a serious one.

Over the past five years, the state has averaged 3,100 deer-related crashes each year. And those are just the crashes that were reported.

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